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I will ing map you up, southie. Oh no, no, Go on. Let him in, he’s only little. Things have got out of hand. Charlie wants to meet. Pig and Whistle. Neutral ground. Just him, you two and Eddie. Yup? And how do we know that we’re gonna be safe? Well game that’s a little thing called trust, ain’t it? Trust, eh? You always got one bloke game harping on about trust, don’t you? But then ya look over your shoulder, right? And you see there’s another bloke there, right? There with his hampton in his hand game and he’s preparing to shove his cock right up your ass. Well, you wouldn’t mind, eh? You fag puff. Well, no. No no no no no. Right, you, get him out of here. Go on, off. One hour game and we’ll be with ya. I said bye bye. off, John. There’s the door, go on. Bye bye. Take that fox with ya, go on. Get out, ya prick. A ing limited . Hey Charlie, please can I have another egg? I’ve eaten this one. I don’t like it, Reggie. Nah, it’s alright. I know them and I know their pub. We’ll be alright. Man, you’ve got to clean the ing toilet, mate. It stinks! Who am I gonna pay to do it? Some mofo when she don’t? What are you having to drink? Ummm game Forget it, they just walked in. Hello, mate. Can I get two Guinnesses, please? Yeah, hang on a sec, just gotta go down to change the barrel. Reg? Ron? The Richardsons were unexpectedly engaged, so we’re gonna look after you. Oh, it’s alright .. yeah, the landlord is gonna change the barrel for me, thanks. You don’t mind if I pour myself a pint, yeah? What is that? Yeah, what you think, puff? It’s a in’ tool. No, it’s not. It’s a in’ rolling pin. Who are you? Fanny Cradock? What are you doing with that? Are you going to bake me a cake? Gonna sing me a song and watch me blow out me ing candles? I come here for a ing shootout, right? A proper shootout with some proper men. Like Colonel Custer and Geronimo. Have you ever heard of them? No. Because you were too in your penny baking ing fairy cakes weren’t ya? Reg, this lot is a bunch of ing nonces to a man. They’re ing nonces. Get out of me ing way.